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QB Financial
337 N Vineyard Ave, 400
Ontario, CA  91737
Phone: 855-415-4503
Contact: Malinda, Sales Manager
E-mail: info@qbfi.org
Web Site: http://www.qbfianacialinc.net
QB is a full-service brokerage assisting private companies that need assistance collecting on defaulted contracts or accounts, buyers and sellers with all areas of debt purchasing, sales and debt management. We have a great network of Attorney's and companies with whom we do business and exercise extensive due diligence before offering any portfolios to market or service. We have numerous portfolios of varied agency levels and asset classes, but also pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently and effectively accommodate requests for specific portfolios when necessary through our ever-growing network of credible sellers. Give us a call and find out how we can help get your agency paired with the perfect company or portfolio for your needs and your budget!

Your business may be either brand-new or years old. Either way you want the best for your company and your clients. We offer an efficient way to build strong relationships and help clear your mind from the stress. With years of experience, QB Financial provides great quality service, a gentle touch, and unbeatable rates. Our focus is to analyze what is best works for our clients and theirs; by studying all aspects to be more proficient in what you need most.

You?ll Have a Starting Point:
We understand that you are busy, too busy to look for the things that you are needing. Most business make the mistake of finding the most expensive or one that does not fit your business properly. STOP WORRYING. This is our specialty. Let us provide you the most for your money. Tell us what you want and need for your business so we can offer you what you are wanting most. QB Financial has a strong and dedicated team.

Contact our sales team today for your debt purchasing needs..

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